We provide numbers of professional services in the area of international trade, including those related to the WTO and the RTAs (that Vietnam is a party), on anti-dumping, special and other trade investigations as well as legal actions challenging investigation outcomes. Furthermore, we offer our clients a preventive risk assessment and mitigation program should their imports become subject to investigation. This program allows our clients to attain favorable results in such investigations and complete them without exposure to sanctions.

We advise companies involved in international trade in their relations with customs authorities, in the development of their strategies with respect to import, export, import for processing, temporary imports and other customs procedures which enable the companies to attain benefits with respect to customs clearance, customs controls and payments of customs duties.

We advise on such matters as:

  •  Drafting, executing and implementing international commercial transactions
  •  Anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations and safeguard actions;
  •  Assessment of risks of the initiation of antidumping investigations against the client’s goods in foreign jurisdictions;
  •  Client representation in investigations contemplating the imposition of antidumping, countervailing duties and safeguard measures, reduction of antidumping duties or exemption of the client from the application of duties, administrative and judicial review of the investigative findings and conclusions;
  •  Analysis and advisory services on WTO, multilateral and bilateral agreements, including analysis of competitive policies;
  •  Exclusive distribution agreement schemes involving parallel imports, anti-trust requirements, etc.